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The HDMG Audio Experience

Our clients trust us with their brands and count on us to provide solutions to the audio challenges they face every day.

  • Complete Audio Post Production – mono to 7.1 for any medium & playback system – mobile handset to arena PA
  • Podcast production – local and/or remote recording, editing, mixing, mastering
  • Local Recording – VO, ADR, remote/field & on-set, Foley, custom SFX
  • Remote Skype, Source-Connect (Digipatch), ISDN & phone patch
  • Editorial – specializing in dialog and effects editing
  • Forensics & restoration – noise & ambience reduction; signal/spectral/field audio repair; declick, decrackle, hum removal, dereverb, and declipping
  • Custom audio design – Sound effects, sound logos & branding, UI & UX sound
  • Hybrid scoring – Stock music enhancement
  • Voice talent casting
  • Music supervision – consultation, direction, licensing and clearance
  • Audio consulting services
  • Also offering a huge SFX library and comprehensive music libraries

Restoration – Repair – Spectral Editing – Forensics

Phone Ring-Original | Phone ringing in background
Phone Ring-Cleaned | Phone ringing removed


Door Bell-Original | Door bell in background
Door Bell-Cleaned | Door bell removed


Interview-Original | Interviewer in background
Interview-Cleaned | Interviewer removed

Angry Birds-Original | Chirping birds in background
Angry Birds-Cleaned | Bird chirping removed


Wireless Mic RF hits-Original | Interference in mic signal
Wireless Mic RF hits-Cleaned | Radio interference cleaned


Jewelry-Original | Jewelry noise in background
Jewelry-Cleaned | Jewelry noise removed

Quilting-Original | Microphone scrape
Quilting-Cleaned | Mic scrape removed

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About HDMG

555 1st Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

T: 612.224.9500

From creative to post, we bring quality, continuity and efficiency to every project.

A creative resource with everything situated under one roof.

A dedicated group of individuals who show how well a team can play together.